Kids who don’t read and parents who are okay with it.

At twenty-nine I’ve encountered a lot, must I get and some I don’t. The one thing I do not under stand is parents who don’t encourage their children to read. I know people on either side of this. Those who encourage reading and those who don’t. The one with children who love to read you can sit and have a conversation with them. And when they get on a topic of something they enjoy, about something they have read. Their eyes light up with excitement. I know children who have to be read list as long as mine, if not longer. Children who where you say lets go to the library or bookstore and their all for it.

But on the other hand I know parents, who claim that their child just don’t like to read. That they as parents they can’t get them to even pick up the books they should read for school. This past week alone I had a parent ask me to read and write a report for her daughter who is entering her sophomore year of high school. You can guess my answer to that.  I just don’t get it, how as parent your okay with your child having no interest. And yes I know not all in things revolve around books, but when you are into something don’t you want to know more about it.

Then it dawns on me. You can’t encourage something when you don’t do it yourself.

So I’m going to end my vent there because I ‘m have to get ready for work, but I woke up with this on my mind.

I would like to know others thoughts on this parents or otherwise


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