Book Review: Riding Rough by Franca Storm


Tittle : Riding Rough

Author: Franca Storm

Release Date: July 28, 2017

Rating 4 Stars on goodreads and amazon


Mason Cross safeguards club security.
He’s Sergeant-at-Arms for the Steel Titans MC.
Running protection detail on someone should be a walk in the park.
And it would be. If it was on anybody but HER.
Lucy Taylor.

He’s stayed away from her for a reason.
But now they’ve been thrown together, all bets are off.

The beast wants out of its cage.
To take her.
To devour her.
To claim her.

But that would mean breaking a code.
Betraying a brotherhood.
Just cuz a man wants something doesn’t mean it’s right to take it.

But she’s more than a want. She’s a craving. In his bones.
A woman who makes a man want to brave chaos and even Hell itself

Besides, this biker’s always game for a rough and wild ride.


The story of Lucy and Mason took me on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Their relationship being a push and pull from the get go. And I loved it. First and foremost Mason is a biker with a heart only for Lucy, who he believes that he is protecting from everything and everyone including himself.

The story starts off with Mason on protection detail. Looking out for Lucy while her brother is away on club “business”.  He works with the mentality that his feelings for her no matter how deep they run don’t matter as long as she safe. Lucy on the other hand has had with both her brother and Masons overprotective nature. And wish Mason saw her as more than the little sister to his best friend, and see as the woman she has become.

Which all  changes one night after a terrible date, where her date damn near demands she changes everything that makes her, her.  Lucky for her Mason was outside waiting. That night sends their friendship into a world wind on a serious Rough Ride. (Pun intended). Nothing about their relationship is soft besides their feelings for each other.

Like any good romance novella or novel there are the twist and turns in this story. The first one coming into the story happens after the first time the become intimate. Lucy neglecting to full disclose an important piece of information to Mason, in which he takes it to heart. And the second coming with a serious twist I was not expecting and took me by surprise. Now I’m not going to say what it is because I don’t want to spoil anything.


This is a story for anyone who loves a good old fashion down and dirty romance erotic novel. Franca Storm did it right. She bring the reader along on the romance ride of the characters. Making you want to go out and find yourself a leather clad dark knight. So yes I do recommend this. Giving four stars because even knowing it is a stand alone, I feel like we are left hanging on a cliff, and I for one would for the story of Lucy and Mason to continue.

Look out for Rough Ride by Franca Storm hitting the Kindle store July 28, 2017



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