Book Review: Shifter Date Must Love Lions By Alma Black


Title: Must Love Lions

Author: Alma Black


Alexis Parrish is very single. Sassy and smart, she’s great at her job as a journalist, but it’s never given her the time to find the right man–specifically, a human. So when she gets assigned to interview Max, a lion shifter, about the new dating app he’s created, she can’t believe her intense attraction to him. After all, humans and shifters don’t date.

Max is used to causing trouble. He broke tradition by creating the dating app, Shifter, which humans and shifters alike can use to answer the call of the wild.

When Max challenges Alexis to give him a chance, she can’t say no. A human like her has no business with this handsome alpha lion, but she can’t resist his magnetism. Their chemistry is primal, their connection positively animalistic. After all, once you go shifter, you never go back.

But when a rogue shifter group against interspecies dating targets Alexis, Max will stop at nothing to protect her. It’s more than his pride on the line; it’s his mate.

Warning: If sassy, sexy, and carnal reads aren’t your thing, this book isn’t for you. It contains lots of dirty sex, violence, and witty banter.


I was asked by the author to read and review the first book in her series, Shifter Date. First can I say yes it is a romance novel but it is not all mushy love, the characters Max and Alexis clearly have an attraction to each other from the moment they meet. What I enjoyed about that is, that the author didn’t go from zero to sixty in their relationship. They didn’t meet and hop  into be with each other. There was this flirtatious feeling about them. But letting biases opion about both spices  dating or mating rather, stop them. Mostly her hang ups.

Like I said before the book even though it is a romance novel its not all it is. There are some semi intense action scenes that leave you wanting more. The climatic part and also my favorite is where Max come in and saves Alexis from someone he had considered a friend from attacking her because their truly against human shifter relationships.  The story does leave you on cliff hanger with the fringe group who are against the couplings, so it leaves you wanting to know more about  them and finding more human shifter romance to come out of the app.

So I am going to recommend this book for anyone like me who enjoys a good romance novel also for anyone who is into shifters. Hope you enjoy Must Love Lions by Alma Black.



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