Writing #1 11-5-2016

A.m.AUsing the prompt “Write about the person who wouldn’t be noticed”


Title: “He noticed more than she did … He noticed her”

She stood with her back facing the mirror. Glasses high on her nose as she looked around taking in her surroundings. Standing off to the  side taking in everyone around her; from the young boy who hugged his mother skirt, tugging so often to get her attention. To the couple who stood quietly by the double doors arguing. Knowing that no one would notice as she made her was across the room to have a different viewpoint, she wanted a better hearing vantage, so she could hear what the couple was in the midst of arguing. “I’ll never understand why people choose to air their dirty laundry out in public” saying to herself as she made to look like she was interested in the dessert table. “Logan, you told me that she wasn’t a spot on your radar. That she was going to be here tonight!” the girl yelled in a whisper. Turning slightly she could see the girl’s back was to her, while the guy looked out into the crowd. “Layla” his voice stern, giving the vibe that made her, herself stand straighter. “The color green does not suite you and furthermore, I can not control where people go and therefore show up.” he continued barely glancing at the girl named Layla. She could see from where she was the girl’s neck was beginning to blaze red, from either being scolded or embraced. “I have nothing to be jealous about, she is nothing and no one to be jealous of.”Layla said anger clear in her tone. “I don’t understand what it is you see in someone like her, She gives plain Jane a run for her money.” The man who name was Logan turned to face her and you could see him at his full height, standing two three heads taller than the girl. He spoke loud and clear enough that she could hear. “That is none of your concern who I find interesting. And as for plain you know nothing, sometimes there are other qualities that a man looks for aside from one’s looks. And as for her looks I find nothing more attractive than a woman who doesn’t see her true beauty but sees it everywhere else.” Looking her up and down before he continued “And as for you Layla, you may leave your service are no longer needed.” He the glanced up catching, spotting her looking in their direction, before looking back towards the crowd;causing her cheeks to heat. With a huff Layla stormed out of the room without a glance back. Leaving her to wonder what service Layla was for and who was the woman the spoke so freely about. With a shake of the head she picked up a glass of wine taking a sip and looking back to the on going dancing wondering if it was an acceptable time for her to leave as well. Taking another glance around the room, before making her way back  across the room, she could feel that someone was now stand besides her, “I would like to know, if you would do me the honor of a dance?” she heard a voice, that was truly all male sounding rough, gravely, and slightly accented. Looking in front of her to see if there were any other women in the area. “Yes, I was asking you, I’m sorry I didn’t get your name.” The voice said again with what sounded like a laugh in his voice. Turning around to finally put a face with voice “It’s Amaya” She answered, as her eyes made a slow climb up the strangers body clearing seeing that his suit was made to fit him to a t. Hugging him in all the place that matter. Finally reaching his face she knew just who he was. “Amaya, what a lovely name” he held out his hand, carefully watching her face and reaction to him. “My name is Logan, The crown Prince of Admoyra” Taking his hand Amaya stood not know what to do or say. She was stunned that she not only eased drop on the conversation on the crowned prince but was now standing with her hand placed in his as he waited for a reply in whether she would dance with him or not. “Your highness I would be …” Before she could fully answer the room before them broke out into chaos.

Tell me what you thinkA.m.A also posting on good reads 🙂


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