Review: Erased by Jennifer Rush


Title: Erased

Author: Jennifer Rush


They thought they had escaped. They were wrong.

After fleeing the Branch with Sam, Cas, and Nick, Anna is learning how to survive in hiding, following Sam’s rules: Don’t draw attention to yourself. Always carry a weapon. Know your surroundings. Watch your back.
When memories from Anna’s old life begin to resurface–and a figure from her childhood reappears–Anna’s loyalties are tested. Is it a Branch set-up, or could it be the reunion Anna has hoped for? Ultimately, the answers hinge on one question: What was the real reason her memories were erased in the first place?
Jennifer Rush delivers a thrilling sequel to Altered in a novel packed with mysteries, lies, and surprises that are sure to keep readers guessing until the last page is turned.


I do not know where to start. First off I still love that its not the typical mushy love feast between Anna and Sam. You know that they are deeply in love with one and other, but their world doesn’t just revolve around that. And that even Anna’s relationship with Cas, is still the same light-heart semi flirtatious on Cas’s part.

What I really enjoyed was Nick and Anna. That was surprising very much so. In the first chapter after Anna wakes up and goes down stairs to find Nick at the table folding cranes.And she keeps every one of the cranes that he has made but she doesn’t know why she does it but she does. And even though they argue, the urge is still to protect each other. And we still don’t understand why until the flashbacks start to form.

But wait a second we not only get one plot twist we get two. The fist being someone we all thought was dead, but no they are not and they are looking for Anna. At first I was all “yay she is getting one of her wishes”. But no, no, no something fishy is going on. And at this point Nick is the only one trusting his gut. And I love it. He tells Anna something doesn’t feel right about a conversation she had and relays to him. And i believe his words were ” No girl is going to be fine about her little sister being involved with the ounce love of her life”. And as a reader and woman I got that, but Anna didn’t.

She didn’t believe her gut and didn’t believe Nick’s, To the point where she runs off because of something she reads, and to the where we are reads are yelling at the book no don’t trust it, don’t trust her, she goes anyways. I enjoyed that because it was a major twist, and we didn’t see it coming. That her emotions where what fueling her to run and she wasn’t thinking clearly, like most people do when their upset and in that moment where you forget everything you know and care about and just go.

For me this book was an emotional roller coaster, because it started on and semi-happy note then there were ups and downs. And the bond that was always there grow stronger, and learning about Anna’s past and why her mind was erased in the first place, and who is behind it in the first place. It gave me a real shock of why and who because I was not expecting that.

All in all I really enjoyed this book, even though I wish that it was longer, and we got to see more of Cas and Sam.But I get why they weren’t really in the story, and that is what made it enjoyable because of the different dynamics.

So I am going to recommend this book along with the first.

Erased, By Jennifer Rush

Released, January 2014


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