Review Season of the Witch by Mariah Fredricks


Title : Season of the Witch

Author : Mariah Fredericks

Rating : 4 stars I really did enjoy reading this


First come the text messages. Then the phone calls. And the it gets physical. Queen Bee Chloe will do whatever it takes to destroy Toni for the whatever transpired between Toni and Chloe’s boyfriend, Oliver, over the summer. From day one of junior year at DeKalb Community School, an elite New York private school, Chloe and her friends brand Toni as a superslut, and it isn’t long before Toni fears for her safety. But then, seemingly out of nowhere, Cassandra appears – intense and brilliant, a girl who knows how to fight back. Cassandra has been experimenting with the occult, and while Toni doesn’t believe in that stuff-does she?- she definitely wants to regain control of her life … and maybe get some well-deserved revenge while she’s at it. So why not join forces with Cassandra to cast a silencing spell on Oliver, the gutless loser who wouldn’t speak up for Toni? And as for Chloe….it might be satisfying to try something much worse.

My thoughts on this book:

What I liked most about this book right off is that Toni, at the begging tried everything to make the energy around her better. It is very easy to call her superstitious, she believes that figures that her father gave will, will faith. Her harassment and slut shamming started before the school year started, by Chloe and her two friends with threatening texts messages and hangups on the phone, but when school starts like typical bullies they get others to join in. At first Toni tries to ignore the taunting and roll with it. But once they corner her, she really starts to fear for her self.

When she finally interacts, with Cassandra it is offer her condolences about the lost that happened in her family over the summer.

To me there friendship, even though it is not stated they both need one another, Toni needs Cassandra for protection and a way to learn how to protect her self. And Cassandra needs Toni to have something other than her own life and feelings to worry and think about.( I can’t really get in to it because it is a huge part of the story and it would spoil it.) Cassandra brings Toni in to the world of casting spells and hexing those  who have done them wrong.

This book has so many parts that to it that bridge the character together. I loved that  fact that as reading this you felt every emotion, be it sadness anger to joy, you felt it. Even while reading the spells you felt it.

So in the end I do recommend this book, it is released in October 2013


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